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School Uniforms

School Uniforms For Students in Today’s Smart World!

Technology has been evolving rapidly and education is no longer about traditional blackboards and teaching but about smart classrooms and interactive sessions. Shouldn’t school uniforms keep up? Rich Little School Uniforms are for the smart students of today for whom everyday is a new learning experience. Our uniforms make students look and feel smart, confident and ready to conquer the challenges of modern life.

Rich Little school uniforms are manufactured from the finest fabric, well-cut, impeccably tailored and finished. We have the complete facilities for manufacture in-house and this helps us maintain the high levels of consistency and perfection. We also give you competitive rates. Our large infrastructure and capacity ensures that we give you on-time delivery.

Uniforms For Boys

For boys the uniforms consist of shirts, trousers, shorts to blazers. These come in different sizes, fabrics and styles. We have a range of samples that you could choose from.

Uniforms For Girls

For girls the uniforms offered include skirts, shorts, trousers, skirts, blazers, pinafores, dresses and so on.

School Uniforms For Different Seasons

Every season has its special needs. We make lighter, airy uniforms for summer and warm uniforms for winter. Winter uniforms can include jackets, coats and so on.

Sports Uniforms

Our sports uniforms are made of durable fabric and made to withstand the rigors of playing sports. Depending on the need, we can make shorts, shirts, skirts and so on.

Bespoke Uniforms

Bespoke uniforms can be manufactured based on specifications. We have the infrastructure to manufacture any kind of bespoke school uniforms. They can be customized with your school’s emblem if needed.


Most school uniforms use some accessories like ties, hats caps, scarves and so on. Based on your needs, we can manufacture them. They can be customized with your school’s emblem and so on.

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